The interfaith dialogue centre BRÜCKE-KÖPRÜ (i.e., “bridge”) is an institution of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria located in the deanery of Nuremberg.
We are a place of learning that has continuously changed since the beginnings of Christian-Muslim education in Nuremberg back in 1993. In a society that has been becoming increasingly diverse religiously and ideologically, we as a team of Muslim and Christian employees continually ask ourselves again and again: What are the challenges of today’s interreligious coexistence and communal life? We ask about the explicit contribution that religions can make to the successful coexistence within our secular social order.
In our rooms in the district of Gostenhof, collaborating with various partners, we create a wide and diverse range of benefits for people, from interreligious child and parent work to meetings for men and women, and to working with school classes and students. We work by the help of cooperation like networking with churches and mosque communities, with institutions and associations on the ground. In lectures, seminars, and excursions we gladly pass on our experiences.
„By meeting people, we know ourselves who we are.”
The meeting centre BRÜCKE-KÖPRÜ is a place of learning in two respects: It is a place to get to know each other’s religion better through real face-to-face encounters and, thus, personal contact between Muslims and Christians. Moreover, it is at the same time an opportunity to deepen the understanding of your own religion and foster the articulation and communication of your faith.